Monday, August 20, 2018

Cryptocurrency sentiment has fallen so low that porn companies are willing to give it away if you watch their videos

As the cryptocurrency phenomenon continues to implode into what one analyst calls an 'extinction level event', more and more gimmicks are appearing in the hopes of to enticing the public to keep buying their tokens.

One such scheme is coming from a mid-level porn operation which is now offering viewers of their products and videos free cryptocurrency in the form of the Vice Coin.

Tube8, an adult entertainment platform, is adopting blockchain and tokenization technologies in order to reward visitors with cryptocurrency for watching videos on their website. 
To effect this process, the Pornhub subsidiary is partnering with blockchain platform Vice Industry Token(VIT) for the total tokenization of the website. This is a collaboration that will make it possible for users to get paid for engaging in activities on the Tube8 platform, such as streaming and interacting with videos. The partnership was first reported by TheNextWeb
The development when launched by the end of 2018, will put the entire Tube8 platform on the blockchain. It will also establish Tube8 and the first adult entertainment site to adopt token-based rewards and payment for website visitors. - CCN
 Vice Coin: The ultimate 'Happy Meal' toy for adult consumers.


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