Monday, August 20, 2018

A strange dichotomy: Gun deaths increase in areas with concealed carry but total number of violent crimes diminish

Just as many police departments have sought to find new weapons which offer a less lethal alternative to a firearm in their daily interactions with the public, so too does that same public purchase varying degrees of protection dependent upon their needs, and will to use them.  And perhaps what is most interesting is that as the police began to 'downgrade' their weapons of choice, their use of force has increased throughout the country.

Ironically when you look at violence from the public side versus law enforcement, it is almost the exact opposite.  By this we mean that as people upgraded their protection of choice to lethal ones such as firearms, the number of gun deaths have increased, but the overall number of violent crimes has lessened.

After 2014, the murder rate began to climb with the rate of CCW holders, however an increase in violent crimes was comparatively muted:

The bottom line... guns and conceal carry permits held by citizens do not stop people from killing others, but they do create the one thing the individuals want from owning a firearm... deterrence from potential violence and the ability to not be a helpless victim.


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