Monday, June 25, 2018

Central banker lets slip that Global Financial Reset is underway as government's prepare for collapse of current system

For anyone who does even a modicum of research, the 2008 financial crash was not just a cyclical 'bump' in the credit cycle, but an actual death event for the entire financial system.  And this is primarily why central banks like the Fed, ECB, and BOJ have had to constantly fund their 'life support patient' with endless amounts of QE, Zero percent Interest Rates, and even Negative Rates.

In fact despite the reality of tens of trillions of dollars printed and monetized by the central banks over the past seven years in both the U.S. and in Europe, most banks remain underfunded, and pretty much insolvent if they had to administer true accounting practices.

Since around 2013, Asian and Eurasian economies such as Russia, China, India, and even Kyrgyzstan have been preparing for a post Petrodollar world, and one no longer controlled by the Western central banks.  And even in Europe, nations such as Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands have all done the unprecedented move of recalling their gold reserves back from the U.S. into their own vaults.

But while those who pay attention to the alternative financial media have heard numerous times that we are preparing for a great 'Global Financial and Currency Reset', only trickles of information has come from leaders on the reality of this paradigm shift.

Until now?

On June 21 the head of the UK's central bank (Bank of England) gave a speech in which he emphasized that the global financial system is moving rapidly towards a 'New World Order', which in this case is political speak for the global currency reset.

The race is definitely on as to who will be dictating the terms of the reset. 
Everybody has their eyes on China and Russia, thinking they join forces to form the dominance in the global economy to push out the dollar and elevate China to world reserve currency status, or elevate a combination of China and Russia to world reserve currency status with a gold and/or silver backing in this new monetary system, perhaps even with a return to gold and silver via a Chinese Gold-backed Yuan and a Russian Silver Ruble
Well, it’s not only the East that is actively working on the global reset. 
England seems to frantically be in the race as well. 
Yesterday, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney gave a speech, and it wall basically all about the coming reset. 
That phrase that we all can’t stand – the “new world order”. 
Yup.  It’s coming. 
Its a very long, super boring speech, but I’ve read between the lines, and I want to show you some of the thing he has said, so that you can come to your own conclusions as to what is going on. 
To me, it speaks to the end of the dollar dominated world and the coming reset and re-ordering of the global monetary system 
Here’s some of the things he said in no particular order (bold and red bold added by Half Dollar for emphasis): 
The Bank recognises that a new economy, a new world and new demographics demand a new financial system. 
While we prepare for great change, we will be guided by one constant: our mission to promote the good of the people we all serve. 
This infrastructure must be overhauled now that the economy is on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution and our demographic challenges are intensifying. 
And rebalancing of the global order is proving as dramatic as it was in Montagu Norman’s time. 
Such profound changes demand a new finance. 
We now have a balance sheet fit for a new world order with greater reliance on markets in a wider range of reserve currencies. – Silver Doctors
The average citizen will NEVER receive warning from either governments or the financial powers unless they are able to read between the lines in speeches such as this one on what is being worked on, and what is coming.  Because all one has to do is remember back in 2008 when CNBC went out of their way to tell us how solvent and stable Bear Stearns was, only to see it vanish forever just four days later, with Congress having to push through a bailout under the guise that this crisis could bring about the institution of Martial Law.


Jew World Order for the bankers. Warburg, Rothchild, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Schiff.

Bring anything you want, if they control it, the people will burn it and come for your families in the night

Banks, and those who own and control such institutions DO NOT have the welfare of the people in mind... Daily, we trade dollars for human lives and suffering - There is truly only one way out of this - conscious awakening at a global scale. ANything less will simply allow the current system to morph again - with less rights and less of nearly everything for the average family...

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