Tuesday, May 29, 2018

While Italy burns and European markets collapse, the EU is spending its time trying to ban plastic straws

History is full of scorched earth landscapes that are the result of socialists who desire to implement policies that control a population from cradle to grave.  And as one Fox Contributor noted during the 2016 Presidential election broadcast, one of the primary reasons for Brexit was that the EU was trying to tell nations when they could run their washing machines and toasters.

“Campaigners last night rallied round to vent their fury as Brussels bureaucrats unveiled their latest plan to erode the “lifestyles and choices of ordinary people”. It follows the banning this week of vacuum cleaners which have motors above the new EU limit of 1,600 watts in a bid to cut energy usage. The permitted wattage will be almost halved again from September 2017 as the limit is reduced to 900 watts. 
Dozens of other everyday appliances could have the power sucked out of them too and some scrapped altogether if new rules around climate change are brought in. A report published by Deloitte and commissioned by the European Commission, the EU’s executive body, sets out plans to look at the energy usage of a range of items and whether they could be made more efficient. 
As well the staples of the kitchen the kettle and the toaster, the list of around 30 appliance categories in the EU’s sights includes heated greenhouses, power tools, aquarium lights and filters and gym equipment. Mixers, rice cookers, blenders and deep fat fryers are also under threat although meat slicers and popcorn machines are to be spared the chop as they are “niche markets”. UK Express
So with this in mind, what do you think the EU bureaucrats are pondering today on May 29 when Italy is going up in flames and European markets sit on the precipice of a financial crisis not seen in eight years?  The banning of plastic straws.

That's right.  As the Italian bond markets threaten the solvency of Germany, French, and Spanish banks, the EU is finalizing a proposal to ban plastic straws and Q-Tips.
The EU on Monday unveiled a proposal that would ban single-serving plastic products like straws and plastic cutlery in an attempt to cut down on marine litter. The draft rule would ban the 10 plastic products that, according to the Associated Presscomprise 70% of all the garbage floating around the ocean. 
These other items would include disposable food containers, single-use cotton swabs (typically used to clean people's ears), as well as plastic plates and cups often used in fast-food restaurants. - Zerohedge 
Welcome to the Socialist Utopia that is the dying continent of Europe.


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