Sunday, May 6, 2018

While Bitcoin millionaires want to turn Puerto Rico into a utopian blockchain paradise, one village in Ukraine is providing crypto to the masses

If there is one thing in history that is constant when it comes to individuals dreaming up the creation of a utopian society, it is that communities run from a centralized authority never last beyond a few decades.  In fact about the only real segregated communities that have stood the test of time are the Amish ones dotted around the U.S., and the myriad of gypsi bands in Eastern Europe built upon strong familial bonds.

With the advent of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency phenomenon, the desire for many who have made a fortune in the crypto sphere is once again driving an urge to create their own utopia outside the purview of the government.  And while a group of these 'Bitcoin Millionaires' look to Puerto Rico as the epicenter of this project, one village in the nation of Ukraine is building their own crypto economy without the need for adding to it the dream of a utopian construct.

In a small village in Ukraine, all residents are now owners of cryptocurrency, thanks to an initiative by the head of the village council. Cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and ether, can also be used in the village to purchase items such as eggs, lard, meat, and milk. 
In the Ukrainian village of Elizavetovka of the Petrykivsky district in the Dnipropetrovsk region, all residents reportedly now own some crypto, according to local media. 
At a recent village council meeting, local deputies decided to allow the chairman of the council, Maxim Golosnoy, “to carry out operations with cryptocurrency in the interests of the territorial community without attracting budgetary funds,” reported. Golosnoy has “figured out how to replenish the local budget with the help of cryptocurrency,” Akcent Media elaborated. 
Citing that this is an experiment meant to earn money for the community, emphasized: 
The village is now the first in Ukraine where the residents have become owners of digital currency. – Bitboin News


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