Saturday, May 26, 2018

Trump extortionist Stormy Daniels to facilitate cryptocurrency payments on her website for porn content

Seeking to cash in for more than just her 15 minutes of fame, Trump extortionist Stormy Daniels is now delving into the world of cryptocurrencies to facilitate alternate payment options for her website content.

The porn star has been in the news over the past several months decrying how she was silenced by President Trump and his lawyer through a $130,000 payment and subsequent non-disclosure agreement.  However Daniels has been seeking to somehow get out of this agreement and use her fame to try to vilify Trump through the media.

It appears that the romance between pornography and cryptocurrency industries is just getting started. 
Popular adult film star Stormy Daniels today announced a cryptocurrency-based reward program on her website (warning: NSFW). 
Darkreach Communications, the company which manages Daniels’ website, has partnered with Vice Industry Token (VIT), a blockchain startup that allows adult film producers to monetize their content by rewarding viewers with VIT tokens just for watching content. 
The VIT token will also be integrated with 20-plus other pornography websites managed by Darkreach Communications. – The Next Web


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