Saturday, May 26, 2018

Trading cryptos with leverage: New platform will allow traders to participate in cryptos similar to Forex trading using 20:1 leverage

For those who have done Forex trading you know that most platforms offer individuals the ability to transact using massive margins and leverage.  In fact the average leverages used are between 50 and 100:1, with some even going as high as 200:1.

Yet while these platforms have been primarily dedicated to the trading of fiat currency pairs in the past like the USD/Euro or USD/Yen, a new company has launched a Forex type platform to facilitate the trading of cryptocurrencies at a 20:1 leverage.

Wisebitcoin is pleased to announce that their pioneering cryptocurrency trading platform is now up and running. The platform utilizes the MT5 trading engine and has earned the distinction of becoming the first ever crypto trading platform with leverage levels that may extend up to 20:1. The team behind the creation of this start-up have a wealth of experience in the margin trading industry and are now applying their expertise to the cryptocurrency domain. 
While cryptocurrency trading commonly begins solely with a buy to open order, margin trading allows the traders to open orders by either buying or selling. This means that depending on their views, the traders can take advantage of the market’s volatility by taking short or long positions. Moreover, margin trading also allows taking more cryptocurrency positions compared to the funds in the margin account. Though extremely profitable and popular, experts suggest a cautious approach to trading with the margin accounts, because if the trader’s equity drops below the minimum required margin, excessive leverage may lead to losses. - Bitcoinist


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