Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tokenize Grandma and Grandpa? The tokenization of everything moves into the realm of Senior Citizens

As the tokenization of everything is more and more complimenting the 'internet of things', one had to wonder how long it would take before a cryptocurrency would emerge that would be dedicated towards individuals or demographics.  And now on May 22 we may have found the first as a new crypto titled GladAge is being specifically developed to function in the eco-sphere of the Senior Citizen community.

GladAge (GAC) defines itself as the decentralized senior care ecosystem that is powered by the ethereum blockchain. It claims to offer older people the most suitable options for personalized care and fully vetted care homes. GladAge attempts to solve the issues of the present-day senior care system that is struggling with a lack of sufficient number of senior citizen homes and vetted caregiver and little incentives for improving the problem areas. 
GladAge attempts to address these issues by putting all the necessary information on the blockchain, which allows handing over the control to the elderly. Using the GladAge blockchain platform, the user is able to select the necessary care per their choice, purchase a service or the necessary equipment and even review caregivers who can be hired through the platform. It allows the elderly to stay independently in either a leased or owned building of GladAge property. 
The consumers and businesses can join the GladAge blockchain network as participants. It offers the benefits of a single platform access to carry on peer-to-peer transactions to opt for necessary services, goods or finances at low cost. The GAC cryptocurrency tokens will be used across the network for all the necessary transactions. One can put up available land or property for outright sale or lease for building and running homes for the elderly, or offer services specific to the user group like caregiving, transportation, meal services or companionship. The transparent and efficient mechanism of the underlying blockchain technology will ensure smooth and seamless execution and recording of all activities. (See also: 10 Costs of Retrofitting Your House for a Senior.) - Investopedia


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