Sunday, May 20, 2018

The next phase for cannabis could be in its use at restaurants and other dining establishments

Food is already one of the biggest catalysts for individuals to consume cannabis and receive their physiological and psychological effects.  And this is especially true for marijuana users who prefer not to deal with the hazards of smoking the product.

So with this in mind it should perhaps come as no surprise that the next phase of introducing cannabis to the masses could come in the form of meal preparations, and in particular those done at retail dining establishments rather than in one's own kitchen.

Image courtesy of Herbal Chef
Inspired by the way San Francisco Korean hot spot Namu Gaji brings innovative flavors and fresh ingredients to the table, Chef Dennis Lee says he’s doing so with cannabis cooking. 
He’s cooking up foods like deep fried marijuana leaves and grilled asparagus drizzled with THC-infused extra virgin olive oil in his kitchen after hours. 
“This is a very lose dose so you can kind of use it liberally and not get super stoned,” he says as he dresses it with a dash of cannabis salt. 
Lee, 37, began mixing his culinary knowledge with cannabis at home and work two years ago as a way to unwind. – CBS San Francisco


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