Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Stagflation concerns and sudden spike in 10 year bond lead cartel to slam gold down below $1300

One of the primary reasons why gold has remained relatively stagnant and unable to break above its hard resistance level of $1368 is because the central and bullion banks understand that investors today primarily buy into an asset class only when it is going up in price.  In essence, Momo (Momentum) overrules value.

And with this in mind, every time that an economic data report comes out showing the potential for a slowdown or fracture in the economy, the cartel of bullion and central banks comes in immediately to slam the gold price down so that investors will find no interest in moving money out of stocks and into safer or alternative havens.

Gold and silver price movement following dump of $1.5 billion in naked short contracts.

Gold loses $1300 as cartel dumps $1.75-billion worth of paper gold in one single minute 
Using the unimpressive April Retail Sales Report as cover, the cartel has gone on an absolutely viscous pre-market attack. Here’s the details… 
The April, 2018 Retail Sales Report hit the tape at 8:30 a.m. EST, and the cartel hit the sell button on gold. 
Retail sales were unimpressive, with what we already know: Stagflation. 
For example, sales at gasoline stations rose a whopping 11% in April. – Silver Doctors
In addition to the less than stellar Retail Sales Report, the 10 year bond spiked well over 3% and is moving very fast towards a 3.25% level which Bond King Bill Gross says is a sure signal of economic trouble.

Gross: There is a level on U.S. 10yr Tsys above which stocks and economy are negatively affected because corporations are highly levered. 3.25% is a close estimate. Expect a Hibernating Bond Bear Market for 2018: 2.80-3.25% range.


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