Monday, May 7, 2018

New study shows that pot may also be an exit drug for more than opioids

In a new research report on marijuana/cannabis use, it appears that pot may actually be a potential 'exit drug' for more than just opioid addictions.

In fact switching to cannabis for all kinds of ailments was found to lead to less use of alcohol, sleep aids, and all kinds of pain medications normally proscribed by Doctors.

A new market research report has confirmed that marijuana consumers in states that have legalized recreational cannabis use less alcohol, over-the-counter pain medications and sleep aids. 
The findings suggest that the cannabis market may be larger than many grasp. If some consumers are replacing alcohol or pain medications with marijuana, that indicates there may be millions more potential customers that cannabis companies have yet to reach.
The report, compiled by Chicago-based High Yield Insights, found that more than a fifth of rec MJ consumers use less beer, spirits, painkillers and sedatives than standard consumers. 
More precisely, legal recreational cannabis consumers use 27% less over-the-counter pain medications, 22% less sleep aids, 21% less alcoholic spirits and 20% less beer than consumers in states that have not legalized adult-use marijuana. – MJ Biz Daily


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