Saturday, May 12, 2018

How far America has come as Illinois ready to vote yes to allow medical cannabis in schools

When the states of Washington and Colorado defied the Federal government back in 2013 to legalize marijuana use in their state, it set off not just a nationwide debate on the pros and cons of cannabis, but also a paradigm shift on how Americans see the long vilified drug.  And within just five years, most polls now show that over 50% of the country is in favor of cannabis legalization.

Which makes this new story out from the state of Illinois quite intriguing as one house in the state legislature on May 9 voted overwhelmingly to allow students proscribed marijuana for their medical ailments to have cannabis administered to them right there in the school itself.

In a 9-1 vote Wednesday, the Illinois Senate Education committee approved a measure that would allow parents or guardians to medicate their children with cannabis while they’re at school. On Thursday, the full Senate is expected to vote on the bill, which sailed through the Illinois House last month
The measure, dubbed “Ashley’s Law,” was named for 11-year-old Ashley Surin whose family filed a federal lawsuit against the state of Illinois and Schaumburg School District 54 for failing to include public schools among the places people can possess medical cannabis. Surin has been prescribed medical cannabis to treat seizures related to a leukemia diagnosis. – Chicago Sun Times


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