Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Could addiction to crypto trading soon be a medical condition as facility in Scotland reaches out to cryptocurrency traders

One of the more interesting paradoxes when it comes to addictions is that quite often, the actual 'thing' someone is addicted to is not the problem.  And this has been proven over time as seen by the fact that many people who have 'quit' one addictive vice will often latch on to another to satisfy a need within themselves that cannot be satisfied.

Sadly however, the Psychological industry has missed this crucial point and instead have gone out of their way to simply add more and more esoteric 'maladies' to their foundational standard, the DSM.  And perhaps one of the best examples put into their most recent update (DSM-5) is where they consider extensive mourning following the death of a loved one to be a mental illness.

So with being said, it should probably come as no surprise that members of a mental facility in Scotland want to create a new addiction category.  And that category just happens to be addiction to trading cryptocurrencies.

Are you one of those people whose eyes are fixed all day long at Coinmarketcap waiting for the right moment to buy/sell cryptocurrencies? Do you have a trading account on tens if not hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges? Do you scoff at people who don’t know what HODL, bull, bear, whale, ATH, FUD, and FOMO mean? 
If you answered yes to all of these questions, then — I hate to tell you, but — you might have a problem: cryptocurrency addiction. Even though I couldn’t find any mention of this particular addiction in scientific literature, Castle Craig Hospital, Scotland’s largest addiction treatment facility, now has a centre dedicated to cryptocurrency addicts, Sky News reports. 
The professionals at the facility believe that cryptocurrency addicts show the same behavior as problem gamblers, i.e., they show an urge to continually trade cryptocurrencies in spite of suffering constant losses. -  The Next Web
So until the APA updates their next DSM manual, HODL or Trade to your hearts content, because soon there may be available on the market a pill for that. 


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