Monday, April 30, 2018

UN children's organization wants to co-opt your CPU to mine Bitcoins for their charity scheme

UNICEF, which is a children charity arm of the United Nations, has come up with a new scheme to try to collect donations for their projects and programs.  And that scheme is to entice individuals to give up CPU time on their personal computers to mine Bitcoins for them.

UNICEF Australia wants you to fund its charitable missions using your computer’s processing power. 
The UN program that provides humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing nations has now launched The Hope Page, which allows the users to donate to its cause by mining cryptocurrency. 
The Hope Page uses Coinhive’s opt-in version that gives the users an option to mine Monero for the website they are visiting. 
When you’re on Hope Page, your web browser uses your computer’s processor to solve cryptocurrency algorithms. You can select how much processor power you want to donate to this task — between 20 to 80 percent. – The Next Web


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