Monday, April 9, 2018

The first rule of Prepper Club is you don't post on Facebook about Prepper Club

Besides California being a place where the protecting of individual liberties has never been a high priority for the state's government, it is also not the most optimum place for someone to establish a residence that is secure in the advent of a financial or societal breakdown.  So with this in mind if one is a prepper living in this state, the first rule of course is to never let anyone know that you are a prepper, especially on social media.

And unfortunately for one couple who published their prepping routines and libertarian ideologies on Facebook, they ended up paying the price.
It is no longer a conspiracy theory, but a fact that people are being specifically targeted for their participation in what some call “prepping” and others dub survivalism. A couple from California had their home raided and were held without charges for making non-violent posts on Facebook about survival techniques and thought-provoking discussions. 
Leach was also able to get her story out to The Free Thought Project. The Leaches are the owners of a tactical supply company. Leach and her husband were violently arrested and then detained for hours with no explanation while their home was raided by a SWAT Team and their assets were seized. But it gets worse. 
The couple was detained for over 13 hours without charges before they were told the reason for their arrest. The subject that surfaced immediately were some high capacity pistol magazines the state patrol had seized then returned the year before, but that didn’t seem to be the crux of the incident. 
More disturbing were the stacks of printed pages from my social media accounts, particularly those things which criticize police and government overreach, police violence, my personal ideologies regarding self-governance and the inalienable rights we are afforded as human beings, and even memes and jokes they found, as parts of evidence to request a search warrant, including posts of a very subjective and ironic nature. – SHTF Plan


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