Monday, April 2, 2018

Gold price starts the month of April up over 1% as it quickly recovers from end of month contract expiration and slow holiday volume

Gold prices are beginning the month of April with a bang as they appear to be quickly recovering from the beatdown they experienced at the end of last week due to future's expiration and lower volume trading heading into the Holiday weekend.

In early morning trading on April 2, gold is up over $15 to just under $1340, with the price gaining over 1% as it tries once again to break a difficult resistance level of $1355.

As opposed to past cycles where the spot price has been completely dominated by the paper markets in London and New York, evidence of increased physical buying over in the Middle East and Asia could be the catalyst to help push the price above its 2016 highs, and allow investors to finally catch a glimpse of $1400 gold.


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