Monday, April 2, 2018

Even your coffee and donuts are becoming tokenized through cryptocurrency

Just when you thought it was safe to eat breakfast, the tokenization of everything is now gunning for your morning coffee and donuts.

In addition to the already established CoffeeCoin cryptocurrency out for sale, a Virginia and New York City based donut proprietor is working on a project to bring pastries to the Blockchain through the introduction of DonutCoin.

Rohdie, the founder of Carpe Donut, is in the pilot stage of the “Donutcoin” project, in which he hopes to create his own doughnut-backed cryptocurrency. In his mind, it makes as much sense as pegging the dollar to gold. 
“Why not a doughnut-backed currency? We can back a currency with contracts to produce doughnut, and I believe it will create a standard of value,” Rohdie said. “Donutcoin will have value because the price of doughnuts is stable compared to gold or silver.” – Daily Progress
Perhaps the cryptocurrency craze has really reached the point where it has jumped the shark when a Donut maker is comparing price stability of his pastries to that of gold and silver. 


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