Tuesday, April 10, 2018

As many cryptocurrencies have collapsed over 70% so far in 2018, these ones have thrived despite the volatility

One of the more interesting anecdotes for the cryptocurrency sector in 2018 is that none of the top 20 cryptos by market cap have had a positive year so far, and in fact, many have actually declined by as much as 70% since the middle of December.

However there are a number of standouts that have thrived so far here in 2018, and below is a list of these profitable cryptos.

Bitcoin is down 58% in three months and down 66% from its all-time high. Most cryptocurrencies have shed even more since January, but a few have outperformed bitcoin. The handful that are in the green, such as ontology (up 110%) are only up because they weren’t introduced until 2018 was well under way. Had ontology, which was airdropped to NEO holders, been launched last year, there’s every likelihood it too would be in the red. 
Of the cryptocurrencies that were trading at the start of this year, just two assets are in the green. Digixdao, a gold-backed token, is up 12% in three months, and bytom, a Chinese altcoin is up 2%. Neither of these two coins has produced the sort of return that the hodl strategy was conceived for. In fact, hodling through 2018 is one of the worst strategies a trader could have plumped for. That’s easy to say in hindsight of course. Short of sitting in tether for months, the most effective buy-and-sell strategy would have involved one of the following altcoins. – Bitcoin News
Perhaps the biggest irony to be garnered from this list is that the majority of them were created recently (as in 2018), and most are expected to eventually have their own collapse in the near future as crypto traders move from token to token like locusts migrating away from ravaged fields.


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