Monday, April 30, 2018

As commodity backed cryptocurrencies continue to expand, it was inevitable that someone would be the first to make a Bacon Coin

Since the beginning of the year we have seen the emergence of a donut backed crypto, a coffee backed one, and now on April 30 we can add a bacon backed cryptocurrency to the ever growing list of commodity backed tokens.

Oscar Meyer has announced the creation of the Bacoin, which is a cryptocurrency backed by their industry standard for production of the breakfast meat, and which will allow token owners to exchange their crypto for real bacon products.

For nearly 100 years, Oscar Mayer has set the gold standard of bacon by providing a superior quality, great-tasting product that cooks up perfectly every time. Now Oscar Mayer is paving the way in the burgeoning cryptocurrency landscape by introducing Bacoin, the first-ever cryptocurrency backed by the gold standard of Oscar Mayer Bacon. 
Similar to other cryptocurrencies, the value of Bacoin can be volatile. However, Bacoin stands out by the fact that Bacon lovers can boost value by spreading the news via Twitter and email on The more they share, the greater Bacoin is worth. When ready, Bacoin owners can select the best time to cash out and receive real packs of Oscar Mayer Bacon. For more details on how Bacoin works, check out this video from the architect of Bacoin, Keith Sizzle. - WLNS


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