Saturday, January 13, 2018

Mine cryptocurrency simply by giving them a blowjob? New device allows you to run a mining rig through breath exhalation

With the amount of electricity needed to mine even a single Bitcoin beginning to climb almost exponentially, some ingenious individuals are working on new and unique ways to power their mining rigs.  And in an innovative way which uses the power of breath exhalation, one engineer has created a device to use his breathing to fuel cryptocurrency mining.

The whole world of virtual currencies and blockchain technologies has generated a raft of brand-new phenomena for humanity to take on board. And now there’s Breath - a device allowing mining via respiration. 
A respiratory mining rig has been developed by Max Dovey, an artist and researcher at the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam. The tool uses spirometry - a medical technique that measures lung capacity - which converts breaths into a hash rate for a small computer mining on the Monero (XMR) blockchain. 
The volume of breath exhaled dictates the total amount of financial profit raised in the user’s mining. One puff per second equates to the computer performing 1,000 hashing operations per second, according to Breath’s website
The device, inspired by a 19th century apparatus, was exhibited at Generator Projects in Dundee, Scotland, in December and will be demonstrated again at the end of January as part of Money Lab 2018 in London. - Russia Today


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