Friday, January 26, 2018

Long time gold bear Harry Dent now setting his sights on Bitcoin as he predicts its price falling to $1000

Economist Harry Dent is an anomaly in the analytical world as he has been historically very accurate in determining certain trends based on models he created to compare markets with demographics, but also very incorrect when it comes to certain other wealth assets.  In particular, his stubborn but failed analysis of the gold and silver markets.

Now however the Harvard trained economist is setting his sights on the cryptocurrency market, and what he deems is a bubble just as large as what we have now in the stock markets.  And in his latest report, Dent sees the Bitcoin price falling to $1000 per coin, and actually being a signal to the rest of the markets that the game is about over.

Here’s what I’m looking at… 
Really, all we need to pop this bubble now is a pin. 
And I’ve mentioned several times already that I think Bitcoin is it! 
Bitcoin has gone up 20 times in a little over a year! Its bubble is greater than even the infamous tulip bubble. This is the best sign of a major top ahead. 
My prediction is that, within a year, Bitcoin will crash 95% or more, down to $1,000 or so. As that happens, investors will begin to question all bubbles, just like they did with the internet bubble crash in 2000. – Silver Doctors
We have to wonder if this is the first time ever that someone has correlated the fate of Bitcoin being the signal the determines the fate of the rest of the world's markets. 


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