Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Gold recovers all losses from cartel beatdown at open as dollar narrowly misses falling below 90 on the index

At the beginning of trading in the U.S. markets, the banking cartel decided that it had been too many days since they dumped some short contracts into the futures market, and subsequently did so to take down gold and silver prices.  But while the harm in this manipulation primarily hurt silver more than it did gold, it appears that the yellow metal has recovered all its earlier losses at the same time the dollar nearly fell below 90 on the dollar index.

In what is nothing other than blatant precious metals price suppression, gold and silver are getting pounded hard in the pre-market. 
Gold has been holding onto support at $1330. Silver blew through support of 16.91. Next support is the 50-day right around $16.70 (which is holding so far). – Silver Doctors
And at 11:40 EST the gold price has recovered all its earlier losses.

In the meantime the dollar barely staved off falling below 90 on the index as it bounced off of 90.14 about 30 minutes ago.


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