Thursday, January 4, 2018

Go Fund Me drive for a friend dealing with medical expenses and potential eviction

While The Daily Economist has a donation button to help support our work here in the alternative media, rarely do we push this since we believe that it is much more important to share information than to try to focus on the business side of the work.

Yet with this being said, I always want to help promote worthy efforts free of charge for those in need.  And this is why I am asking anyone who believes in charity and the power of humanity to aid a friend of mine who is dealing with some short term financial issues in the aftermath of paying for medical expenses.

I need to raise the money to pay my back rent due to being in the hospital for 8 days and missing work. My work is seasonal and I missed a huge amount of work during my 8 day stay for deep thrombosis clot in my arm. I've been hospitalized twice in the last 2 month. The time before that I was hospitalized for pulmonary embolism due to having a blood clot in my leg and it traveled to my lungs. I have all paperwork for both hospital stays if anybody needs to see them. I've never done anything like this before I normally am very independent and pay my own bills but I'm just very difficult times this year in the last couple months I tried asking for a financial assistance from different organizations only to get her run around I'm told that they are out of money. And don't help people without children at home.
Whether you can help Leah monetarily or simply with prayers, I want to personally thank everyone for taking the time to read her story, and being such a gracious community for my work here at The Daily Economist. 


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