Thursday, January 18, 2018

After more than a 50% correction, cryptocurrency recovery being led by Bitcoin and Ripple

This week has been primarily brutal to the cryptocurrency markets, especially in light of guidance from several nations on future regulation, or even an outright ban of the virtual currency.  But after a correction of nearly 50% and 80% respectively from their all-time highs, the recovery is being led by both Bitcoin and Ripple, who are helping to float all boats today in the sector.

A total of 49 of top 50 cryptocurrencies were growing on Thursday following a bloodbath on the digital money market in the past few days. The dollar-pegged centralized tether was the only loser. 
Bitcoin gained over 16 percent on the day, and was trading above $12,000 at 12:35 GMT. This is still well below its $20,000 record. 
Ethereum once again surged above $1,000. The cryptocurrency is up by a third this year, but has declined almost $400 from this year’s peak. 
Ripple enjoyed the biggest gains among top 10 currencies on the list, trading up 49 percent at $1.58. – Russia Today


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