Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Zabercoin: the next resource backed cryptocurrency that will be tied to property, rentals, and real estate

With a whole myriad of new cryptocurrencies sprouting up on average of more than one per day, it would seem that if something has any type of value then someone will see fit to tokenize it.  And while we have published numerous articles over the past six months on cryptocurrencies being created which are backing themselves with assets such as gold, diamonds, and oil, a new crypto out on Dec. 13 is looking to profit from the tokenizing of real estate.

Meet Zabercoin.  The cryptocurrency that will be backed by real estate and rental properties that are primarily held in emerging markets.

Zabercoin is an asset-backed cryptocurrency. Therefore, with Zabercoin we combine the blockchain technology with physical asset investments like real estate and lucrative companies more specifically located in emerging markets (EM) with recurring income re-invested to ensure growth, research and development. Zabercoin limits your exposure to the downside risk of many existing cryptocurrencies. Zabercoin has a floor price right from the time of its inception. Each Zabercoin is backed by lucrative property and therefore we can safely state that it will always have a real or intrinsic value that will give peace of mind to the investor and user. 
Zabercoin is the future of real estate. The mission of Zabercoin is to become the preferred real estate digital token in the global blockchain real estate market environment. 
Zabercoin prides itself with a very strong and dynamic management team with many years of experience combined in the asset management, property development, investment, IT, finance, business, law and cryptocurrency space. 
Standard price: 1 ETH = 35 ZAB 
Token price in ETH for Main ICO: (1 Dec 2017 – 16 January 2018) Minimum pay only 0.1 ETH. 
Different bonuses, see the table below. 
1 ETH = 35 ZAB (0% bonus) to 52,2 ZAB (50% bonus). 
Bonus   Week        FROM (UTC)                 TO (UTC)                       Rate      Price50%        1              01.12.2017 – 11:00:00     08.12.2017 – 11:00:00     52,50     $5,71
40%        2              08.12.2017 –  11:00:00    15.12.2017 – 11:00:00     49,00     $6,12
30%        3              15.12.2017 – 11:00:00     22.12.2017 – 11:00:00     45,50     $6,59
20%        4              22.12.2017 – 11:00:00     29.12.2017 – 11:00:00     42,00     $7,14
10%        5              29.12.2017 – 11:00:00     05.01.2018 – 11:00:00     38,50     $7,79
0%          6              05.01.2018 – 11:00:00     End of round                    35,00     $8,57 - Live Bit Coin News


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