Saturday, December 2, 2017

It is time to create our own Sound Money shopping days this holiday season with an annual Gold, Silver, and Cryptocurrency Wednesdays

In earlier generations, parents and grandparents would buy their children U.S. Savings Bonds as a gift that would grow over time for their future.  

But with the dollar having lost over 98% of its purchasing power in the past 100 years, buying bonds is no longer a worthwhile endeavor to teach children about money, or to engage in any type of real savings.

So this year we hope to bring back the gift of savings by changing over from insolvent money to sound money.  And just as retail and online stores focus your attention to shopping for gifts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday during the six weeks of Christmas, we want you to do the same in buying gifts that hold their wealth, which will also send a message to the keepers of the financial system who have destroyed the value of your money through taxation and inflation.

Gold Wednesday

On Wednesday, December 6 we are calling for everyone to go out and shop for physical gold in any denomination or capacity you like.  From one gram of gold at your local or online coin dealer to start a child’s college fund, to a full ounce which can be your savings account outside of a banking system that no longer provides you interest on your money.  Gold is and always has been the greatest wealth protection for more than 5000 years.

Silver Wednesday

Then on Wednesday, December 13, we are calling for everyone to go out and shop for physical silver in any denomination or capacity you like.  From a single ounce which is right now considered by many to be the most undervalued asset in the market, to shopping locally or online for silver dimes, quarters, and half dollars which can provide your children a spotlight into our nation’s history when silver was used everyday in our economy as money.

Cryptocurrency Wednesday

Graphic Courtesy of BTC Manager

Finally on Wednesday, December 20, we are calling for everyone to go out and find one of the over 1300 operating cryptocurrencies on the Blockchain, and after first downloading a crypto wallet, purchase some type of de-centralized digital currency that is already becoming the future of money.  From unbacked currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum which have gained thousands of percent in value since the beginning of the year, to resource backed ones like Darico and GoldMint that protect your tokens with physical gold, a gift of cryptocurrency will prepare you and your children for the revolution that is taking place before our eyes through the blockchain.

Beginning in 2017 our goal is to make this as much a yearly tradition as Black Friday and Cyber Monday now are between the days of Thanksgiving and December 25.  And as more and more people look towards a return of sound money in their wallets and portfolios, the wealth that has been stolen by central banks during the past 100 years can be returned to you and your future generations. 


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