Friday, December 1, 2017

Darico pre-ICO launch today as new cryptocurrency to meld gold, Bitcoin, and Ethereum

2017 has seen a number of cryptocurrencies emerge that are resource backed, and which have used commodities such as gold and even diamonds in their foundation.  But one company is taking this a step further by integrating cryptocurrencies themselves as collateral for their new crypto token, and are set for their pre-ICO sale here on Dec. 1.

With so many crypto options to choose from, investors are keenly dialed into the safest and most secure trading instruments. In light of this demand for more secure cryptos, Darico is launching its own initiative, which represents an asset-backed cryptocurrency. 
The launch of the Darico’s initial coin offering (ICO) and trading of its Darico coins are designed specifically to provide a safer and more accessible gateway to cryptocurrency investments. The project melds existing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as one of the world’s longest standing and secure financial instruments, i.e. gold. 
“Darico stands for decentralized, asset-backed, return-focused, investment-grade coin and it describes the concept of a cryptocurrency that’s backed by a basket of assets,” explained Mojtaba Asadian, the founder of Darico. – Finance Magnates


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