Sunday, December 31, 2017

Cryptocoinopoly: Monopoly game has now been re-imagined for cryptocurrencies

Over the course of decades the original Monopoly game has been adapted for just about every genre, environment, and locale.  From versions of Nascar Monopoly which use racetracks in lieu of New York properties, to even a Star Wars monopoly game where you can purchase the Cantina on Mos Isley.

So it should not come as a surprise that some enterprising member of the blockchain community has come up with a cryptocurrency based game of Monopoly....

Welcome to Cryptocoinopoly.

The odds of an officially licensed version of crypto Monopoly being released seem as remote as ripple becoming a $10 coin. In other words, anything’s possible. For now though, hodlers can content themselves with printing their own version of the unofficial board recently shared by redditor ronoxe. 
It features many of your favorite cryptocurrencies – plus a few you’re sure to loathe. “What the hell is cardano doing in the greens?” “Who put tron in there?” 
“Whose bright idea was it to add EOS?” All these points can be argued as you make your way around the board, skipping jail, rebranded as ‘hodl’, and trying to avoid paying capital gains tax. For crypto traders who aren’t getting enough of a buzz from the game, there’s nothing to stop you from playing with real crypto; the winner receives everyone’s cheapest alt bag. 
One of the most fascinating things about Cryptocoinopoly is that it provides a snapshot of the markets at the point of the game’s creation. Were the board to be developed today, ripple certainly wouldn’t be languishing in the yellows; what a difference a week makes. It will be interesting to see which cryptocurrencies have traded places a year from now – and which will have been banished from the board altogether. – Bitcoin


Another bit of interesting news:

Not too sure about the reliability of this piece of info..

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