Monday, November 6, 2017

Town in Croatia could be next municipality to use Bitcoin and cryptocurrency for public payments

On Nov. 6, the town of Osijek in Eastern Croatia is preparing to be the next municipality to accept Bitcoin as payment for public obligations.

Looking to embrace cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, Osijek is fully on board with the transition that is occurring through the advent of mobile pay and digital currency use.

One Eastern Croatia town is embracing the modern era, and indeed the future with open arms as payment with cryptocurrency is about to be made possible for its citizens. 
The City of Osijek is serious in its intention to identify itself as a friendly environment for the IT society.  And in one concrete move, they've opened the doors for a completely new possibility - the City of Osijek is on the verge of introducing the possibility of paying for communal fees with none other than cryptocurrency. 
"The City has contacted a private IT company headquartered in our city that is ready, as a pilot project, to make a payment model for cryptocurrency (payment) services.  As a city we want to show that we're not scared of new trends, as we've accepted the initiative and are actively participating in it," stated David Krmpotic, Head of the Finance and Public Procurement Department. - Total Croatia News


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