Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Long time Bitcoin and cryptocurrency advocate diligently selling some holdings to put into physical gold and silver

Jeff Berwick, who is also known as the Dollar Vigilante, is a long time advocate of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole.  And in fact he has been a strong proponent of them since the beginning when Bitcoin was little more than a symbol of rebellion among the anarcho-capitalist community.

But Berwick is also a long time student of the market as prior to his moving to Acapulco several years back, he was the owner of Canada's largest financial website and bulletin board during the early years of the internet.

So with this being said it appears that financial prudence is outweighing the mania that is part and parcel for the cryptocurrency community.  And as Bitcoin reaches new all-time highs of over $8000 per coin, The Dollar Vigilante is taking profits from some of his crypto holdings and moving them into two of the most undervalued assets in the markets.

Gold, silver, and even the mining stocks that produce them.


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