Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Kim Dotcom's latest venture is to create a new financial system using the 'perfect' cryptocurrency as universal money

While Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin have yet to reach their full potential as a new and alternative medium of exchange which could replace the current system of sovereign currencies, long time innovator Kim Dotcom is ready to change that.  And his newest venture and goal is to create a completely new financial system based on what he calls the 'perfect' cryptocurrency that would function globally as universal money.

Kim Dotcom has sketched out his vision for a “perfect cryptocurrency” that would be fast, cheap and popular enough to keep it outside the influence of the world’s largest financial institutions. 
Dotcom gave fans the broad strokes of his plan in a Twitter post, saying that high-speed transactions and low fees of a universal cryptocurrency would help transfer control from banks and corporations back to the individual. The tweet was punctuated with the hashtag “#Goals,” suggesting this is a vision the self-described “tech freedom fighter” is working towards. – Russia Today
In addition to creating a new global financial system which would be run using a singular cryptocurrency, Dotcom is also envisioning a new and separate internet that would be outside the purview of state controls, and allow the free flow of information as was the original intention of the current system.


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