Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Growing pot legalization worldwide has now created the first legitimate international drug cartel outside of Big Pharma

For decades the so-called 'War on Drugs' has been a ruse for the U.S. government to clamp down on illegal narcotic operations and cartels to aid Pharmaceutical companies and even the CIA in dominating the market.  And the consequences of this of course has been millions of Americans thrown into prison for victimless crimes, as well as an epidemic opiod crisis that only this year has finally been labeled a National Emergency.

But with the rise of cannabis legalization taking place steadily around the world, a new merger between three companies in Canada, Holland, and even the United States has created the first legitimate international drug cartel outside of the multi-national behemoths that are Big Pharma.

Three of the world’s leading marijuana companies have decided to pool their resources in a huge joint venture. 
The deal struck between Canada’s Canopy Growth, Holland’s Green House Brands and the U.S.’ own Organa Brands marks the first time in history a legal weed cartel will exist. 
Amazing how times can change so quickly, isn’t it? – Daily Reckoning
Additionally, pot legalization is becoming a boon for equity markets in countries that have decided to allow the drug to be regulated and financialized.

Canadian marijuana companies are having a HUGE November. 
Since Oct. 30, the Canadian pot index made up of 18 of Canada’s largest pot companies is up almost 60% for the month.
The amount of investment and money to be made in the cannabis boom is infinite since the industry is just now in its early stages.  And like with the cryptocurrency boom that is beginning to siphon cash away from bonds, equities, and even commodities like gold and silver, the potential for pot to emerge as one of the next big industries is huge, starting with this new international cartel.


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