Thursday, November 30, 2017

Did President Trump's Press Secretary drop a hint that the White House is monitoring Bitcoin for National Security?

With the massive volatility in the price of Bitcoin over the past week causing even the mainstream media to dedicate serious time to the cryptocurrency, a question made to the White House Press Secretary on Nov. 30 has people wondering if her response was a hint that the White House is very much aware of Bitcoin and its implications to national security.

In the past few days two Federal Reserve presidents have discussed cryptocurrencies and concluded they are "niche" and "don't matter today.
The total market capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency space is around $300 billion - smaller than the Top 10 names in the S&P 500. 
But it appears the last few days of turbulence in Bitcoin  - which saw total losses of around $3 billion yesterday, compared to $60 billion lost in FANG stocks alone - has 'triggered' the world's media into a frenzy.. 
Which led to today's White House Press Briefing and an unusual question from one reporter... 
"Has the president been following cyrptocurrencies at all? Specirfically the major run-up in it...   Does he have an opinion on it, and does he feel it is now something that needs to be regulated?" 
The answer was, perhaps, somewhat surprising... 
"The [Bitcoin situation] is something that is being 'monitored' by our team...  Homeland Security is involved." - Zerohedge
It should come as a surprise that the White House would have an interest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as even Russia's Vladimir Putin and China's Xi Jinping have adopted policies in their administrations regarding the use of cryptos in their markets and economies.


I just read that Danish police trace the use of bit coin and jail people when buying drugs, they use the trace as evidence for the crime.

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