Sunday, October 22, 2017

When the Gospel isn't enough to meet your spiritual needs, now there is Christ Coin

Christianity for the most part in today's world is little more than a corporate entity that spends more time focused on the secular world than it does on the Gospel and the Power of God.  And whether it is through Prosperity doctrines or the 'Purpose Driven Life', there is always some new scheme being dreamed up by one pastor or another that seeks to control and re-energize the sheep every few years.

And now the latest trick to coming out of the church is in their jumping onto the Blockchain and cryptocurrency bandwagon, and through the creation of a virtual currency known as Christ Coin.

Christ Coin has launched as the first Christian cryptocurrency. Built by Life Change, Christ Coin has a mission to meet the spiritual and practical needs of anyone, and unite Christians together as one community for the purpose of reviving hope, repairing lives and rebuilding dreams. 
Built by a team of Christian entrepreneurs, Christ Coin is groundbreaking in its ability to build a global Christian community via cryptocurrency. – South Florida Times
It is perhaps ironic that for many years parishioners were dead set against a digital monetary system, since they equated it to the prophecies in Revelation of the one world economy run by an Anti-Christ.  But since the love of money is a temptation as strong as any a Christian will face in their time upon the earth, perhaps replacing the Power of God with a Christ Coin cryptocurrency is justification enough to help them fulfill their spiritual and earthly needs when the Creator of All Things isn't enough.


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