Friday, October 20, 2017

New CNBC survey has Bitcoin reaching $10,000 USD... only it appears to have happened already in Zimbabwe

On Oct. 20, CNBC published a new survey in which nearly half of the respondents agreed that the price of Bitcoin will reach $10,000 USD.  However in a interesting quirk of fate, it appears that reaching that price would come much faster than they could have imagined as a frenzy of buying today in the country of Zimbabwe has caused the cryptocurrency to reach the five figure milestone.

According to, bitcoin adoption in Zimbabwe is seemingly skyrocketing as the country’s economic situation looks bleak. So much so, that one bitcoin is trading at nearly $10,000 on the exchange, while the global average is, at press time, of $5,642.00
According to a local trader, bitcoin isn’t just being bought by individuals, but by businesses with bills to pay. The country adopted the U.S. dollar back in 2009 as its fiat currency, as the Zimbabwean dollar had lost nearly all its value. 
At press time, LocalBitcoins Zimbabwe has people buying bitcoin at the global average, and some buying the cryptocurrency for cash for well over $10,000 in the country’s capital. Bitcoin, as every bitcoiner would expect, is helping people in the country survive times of economic uncertainty, as Zimbabwe has been embroiled in a crisis for years. – Crypto Coin News
Meanwhile, here were the results from the CNBC survey.


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