Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Gold bull market still moving along according to data in new In Gold We Trust 2017 report

Despite the fact that stock markets, cryptocurrencies, and housing prices have all performed much better than gold over the past six years, the reality is that the precious metals have always been a contrary asset to the primary markets.  And after a four year pullback during the time the Fed pumped nearly $10 trillion to prop up equities, housing, and derivatives, according to data in the newest In Gold We Trust 2017 report, the gold bull market is still moving along at nearly the same pace as the one which brought new all-time highs back in 1980.

Gold movement:

The bear market since 2011 has been following largely the same structure and depth as the mid-cycle correction from 1974 to 1976.
The dominant currency is always issued by the economically dominant country of an era. Gold has always played a decisive role when the changeover from one global currency to another one took place. One can roughly speak of a revaluation of real assets against financial assets during these changeovers. Reserve currency status does not last forever. At some point, they all have to leave the stage. Will this hold for the almighty US dollar as well? 
Based on the premise that the bull market in gold has resumed, we expect the gold-silver ratio to decline over the medium term from its current elevated level. In such a scenario, particularly promising investment opportunities should emerge in the stocks of silver mining companies. – Silver Doctors


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