Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Federal Reserve creates comic book for educators to program children that fiat currency is money, and gold is not

Many years ago, the Federal Reserve bank of Boston created a comic book to be used for educational purposes known as the Road to Roota.  And this book also included a separate teachers guide for educators to better understand the allegorical themes within the book.

Ironically as Bix Weir has uncovered over time through his exhaustive research, the moral of the story in the Road to Roota was in finding the path for a return of the nation's monetary system back to a gold standard from its current fiat currency model.

Fast forward to today.

It appears however that the Fed no longer intends to return the nation's money supply to a gold standard, and in fact has done its best to dissuade Americans from even thinking that gold is a form of money at all.

And to try to indoctrinate their anti-gold programming even further into the minds of our nation's youth, the New York Fed has come out with a new educational comic series that not only impresses to the children that the U.S. cannot function without the central bank regulating everything in the economy and financial system, but also that gold is no longer even a metal but simply rocks found in the earth that have no intrinsic value.

Just released by the NY Fed. It is very disturbing, and they are pushing it hard on our teachers in our public schools… 
Not sure how to phrase it, so here is the crux: 
  • Rocks not metal
  • Praises Fiat
  • Need for Central Bank
  • Need for OVER-Regulation
This comic book is the biggest, most epic, Pro-Fed and full-on assault on Gold & Silver they may have ever done. – Silver Doctors


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