Monday, August 21, 2017

CryptoGLD model built to give investors chance to profit from either gold price rising, or cryptocurrency price rising

The rise of cryptocurrencies has spawned an infinite number of ways to invest in blockchain technology, and in any number of underlying assets through their being 'tokenized'.

In some cases like Bitcoin and Litecoin, the cryptocurrencies are dedicated towards replacing sovereign currencies in both commerce and currency arbitrage.  While in ones like Unikrn, the currency tokens represent ownership in a company similar to owning stock on an exchange.

And while gold backed cryptocurrencies are not completely new in this burgeoning virtual currency sector, there is one that is touting itself to provide the best of both worlds by backing its currency with 100% physical gold, and giving investors the option down the road to profit whether the gold price goes up, or the cryptocurrency price does.

In a world first, CryptoGLD has launched an entirely liquid, 100% gold-backed cryptocurrency. 
GLD International, trading as CryptoGLD, identified weaknesses in cryptocurrencies with most relying solely on market value perception, without any asset value. To combat this, CryptoGLD and Citigold Corporation Limited, based in the US and Australiarespectively, created the world's first 100% gold-backed cryptocurrency.  
Based on the Purchase and Security agreements with Citigold, ten million CrGLD coins backed by 100,000 ounces of gold provides investors with the best of both worlds, the possible exponential returns of cryptocurrencies, combined with the age-old value and security of gold.  
To ensure owners can maximise the cryptocurrency benefits of CrGLD coins, CryptoGLD has set the gold redemption date as June 2022. This means no matter what happens to the CrGLD price, once CrGLDs are redeemable, owners can choose between the best of two options. If CrGLD, like Ether, increases with thousands of percent, the option exists of selling them on an exchange. Should gold outperform CrGLD, then the best option may be to cash them in for the gold spot price of the day, or collect the gold. Based on this, we believe CrGLD is one of the best and safest investments available on the market.  – Business Insider
CryptoGLD also has an affiliate and mining program for those interested in playing an active role in the acquisition of the cryptocurrency outside of purely investing in the tokens.


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