Tuesday, August 15, 2017

As opioids and Big Pharma painkiller addictions become an epidemic, the NBA and NFL are now seriously looking at legitimizing pot

Last week President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency on the country's opioid epidemic, which in many cases starts through addictions to legal pain killers administered by hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.  And perhaps the best case study and testing ground for looking at alternatives to these drugs can be found in none other than professional sports.

And with this in mind, both the NBA and NFL are suddenly starting to take a serious look at the benefits and pitfalls of marijuana as a replacement for these highly addicting drugs, especially as more and more states legalize pot for both medicinal and recreational use.

As medical marijuana becomes legal in more and more states — as does recreational marijuana — professional sports leagues will have to at least look into their drug policies banning its use. The NFL reportedly plans to study marijuana’s effectiveness as an option for pain management, and whether it is a safer alternative to prescription pain medicines for the future. 
That is a significant departure from the hard line opposition stance that every pro sports league has held towards marijuana for years despite the fight to legalize the drug, and it seems as though the NBA is beginning to come around as well. 
NBA commissioner Adam Silver is in Israel for a Basketball Without Borders camp and the topic of medical marijuana was brought up. Silver, who has been against opening up the NBA’s drug policy with regards to marijuana in the past, sounded more open to looking into its effectiveness and potential usefulness for pain management, as the NFL is reportedly doing, and having discussions about that with the Players’ Association. Silver was asked about the NFL’s interest in medical marijuana studies, and said its certainly something the NBA will look into as a league and have a conversation about. - Uproxx


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