Thursday, July 27, 2017

Russia is colluding to take down the U.S... but it isn't through elections or cyber hacking

Governments and politicians have for years used false narratives as a means to hide their real agendas from the public, and to try to turn their adversaries into the bad guys when in reality they are the ones conducting diabolical policies.  And the fake narrative of Russian interference and collusion in last year's election is simply another one of these prime examples.

We have written many times before that the only real things the U.S. exports anymore are weapons and inflation.  And they do this to protect their remaining control over the world having to buy dollars to conduct most trade.

But the fact of the matter is the world is in the process of rejecting the dollar, and U.S. hegemony over the global financial system, and in this politicians are correct in their accusations of Russian collusion, but it has nothing at all to do with elections or even with cyber hacking such as what took place with the DNC's emails last year.

No the real collusion that is taking place between Russia and China, and their efforts to take down the U.S. by both destroying the dollar by seeking to eliminate the petrodollar system, and through bi-lateral trade agreements that will one day see a return to gold backed money.

Russia has a clear, national policy to accumulate gold within its state treasury. That’s because Russian policy makers are concerned about U.S./Western actions, including economic sanctions, NATO expansion, near-constant and long-term bellicose rhetoric and more. 
Russian policymakers are pushing back, as you likely know from following the news. Russia is confronting the U.S./West not just directly — by building submarines and missiles, and deploying troops into Syria, for example — but also via asymmetric means. 
One U.S./Western weakness, in the eyes of Russian policymakers, is the dollar — the currency used for international trade. Russian strategists detect a long-term decline of value and global significance for the U.S. buck. It’s a wide-open target for asymmetric push-back. 
According to a recent report in Russia’s Sputnik News, “In the years to come, global financial markets will see a significant devaluation of the American currency… Russia and China continue to stockpile gold in a bid to cut their economies’ dependency on the U.S. dollar in the future.” – Daily Reckoning
The reality is that Russia had nothing to do with the coup in Ukraine, or the conflict that is finally winding down in Syria.  These were both foreign policies concocted by Washington to try to sting Moscow as they move forward in the construction of a new Eurasian order, and in the process bring Middle Eastern countries into their fold under the auspices of a new energy cartel which would replace OPEC and no longer require the world to have to buy dollars to purchase oil and natural gas.  But like the economic sanctions the U.S. imposed on Russia back in 2013, and are looking to increase for no real reason except as spite for their failures to bring Putin to his knees, all the U.S. will succeed in doing is accelerating their demise, similar to how the former Soviet Union tried to double down to compete with President Reagan's arms race back in the 1980's.

The world is changing financially and monetarily, and it is doing so both at the sovereign (Russia and China) and private (cryptocurrencies) levels.  And unless Washington changes their course to try to become part of this paradigm shift rather than try to keep it from occurring, their future will lie in isolation and collapse, just as it did for Russia 25 years ago before they found the strength in themselves to learn to adapt to change.


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