Friday, July 7, 2017

Metals analyst Andrew Maguire reveals that upcoming sovereign purchases of gold to be dedicated to gold backed cryptocurrencies

On July 7, London based precious metals analyst Andrew Maguire provided an update to his forecast from back in June of a large entity coming into the physical gold market around the time frame of July 5.  And while this action was delayed from its original expected date, Maguire in an interview today with King World News stated that he is 100% sure that the order will go through very soon.

But perhaps what is most interesting about this sovereign bulk purchase of an estimated 250 tons of gold is that Maguire's sources tell him the metal will be used to back new sovereign cryptocurrencies that are being planned for the near future.

Eric King: Andrew, KWN has gotten so many emails asking us can you please get Andrew Maguire back on the air... he's had this prediction, the July 5th time frame was the exact date this was supposed to begin the upside fireworks.  Andrew what was that catalyst you were talking about? 
Andrew Maguire:  Well Eric, I had fully anticipated some 250 tons of sovereign sized orders to hit on that date.  The orders are still coming in very soon, and we all know there is no 250 tons of available gold to be delivered into the market, at market, at these current prices. 
This is going to cause the inflection point that I discussed with you on the 9th of June, and I want everybody to be aware that I am 100% certain that this is coming. 
This actually also relates to gold and silver becoming Blockchain currencies, and were talking about sovereign sized demand being required to fill these orders. 
Now we're talking about billions of dollars worth of demand coming in Eric, and we all know that there is no such physical supply available at these levels. - King World News
We know that earlier this week an announcement was made from China regarding the development of a digital RMB, and it could be very likely that they, along with a possible conglomerate of other countries (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE?) are also involved since they are also in the process of creating gold backed cryptocurrencies now that Sharia Law Finance has approved the personal ownership of gold products.


Maguire has been touting this same line for as long as I can remember. We've been hearing for years how "quite soon" the physical demand for gold and silver would overwhelm the paper short contracts. NONE of these predictions have played out.

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I have to say, unfortunately, we've heard it all before. It's always coming soon, oh so sorry a slight delay, maybe next week. I thought Maguire was a straight shooter, but looks like he's just peddling hopium like all the rest on KWN and (LOL) Silverdoctors. Both purveyors of the most amazing fiction I have ever read.
Guess the buyer of 250 tons just couldn't bear buying whilst the price was low last week, they're waiting for it to increase a little?

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