Thursday, July 13, 2017

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos validates that mainstream media is about corporate bottom line, and not the news

In 1996 when former President Bill Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act which deregulated the media, little did most people imagine that it would signal the end of the slight facade of accurate news reporting and usher in an era where over 90% of all media is owned by just six corporations.

Now 20 years later, the CEO of has issued new commandments for his company's newspaper (The Washington Post) employees, and is validating once and for all that the mainstream media is only about furthering their parent company's bottom line, and has little to do with reporting the news.

Jeff Bezos, owner of The Washington Post, has instituted a new policy with regard employees' social media behavior... 
A new social-media policy at the Washington Post prohibits conduct on social media that “adversely affects The Post’s customers, advertisers, subscribers, vendors, suppliers or partners.” 
In such cases, Post management reserves the right to take disciplinary action “up to and including termination of employment.” 
As The Wall Street Journal reports, Mr. Bezos has introduced many innovations since taking over the principal newspaper of the nation’s capital, but he should rethink this one. His paper’s new social-media policy specifically lists the following among the types of communications which are now prohibited: 
Disparaging the products and services of The Post’s advertisers, subscribers, competitors, business partners or vendors. - Zerohedge
Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised about Bezos's restrictions on free speech within the press, because his newspaper already has a long history of being subservient to the CIA and the Deep State for years in regards to propaganda and biased reporting.


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