Friday, June 9, 2017

With stocks at all time highs, now may be the last chance to take control over your retirement and use it to own gold, silver, or Bitcoin

Let me say straightaway that this article is not investment advice, but a discussion regarding one of probably several avenues now available that are dedicated towards you taking control over your 401K, IRA, and other managed retirement accounts.  And for those retirees who eight years ago saw their managed retirement portfolios lose upwards of 60% during the last stock market collapse, at least today there are alternatives in an era where stocks are once again overvalued beyond comprehension, bond yields are at rock bottom, and any collapses in the banking system could easily lead to you losing your money via a bail-in.

Thanks to companies like Perpetual Assets, who have created a legal way for individuals to take charge of their money and retirement vehicles through self-directed IRA's, one no longer has to rely upon fee based managed retirement accounts, or brokers who limit your ability to buy and own assets they refuse to put your money into.

In fact how many of you reading this article have asked your broker about directing some of your money into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, when they have been by far the most profitable investments in decades?  Chances are great that if you have, your broker would have attempted to dissuade you from this asset class, or told you that they don't work in cryptocurrencies.

Additionally if you are wary of digital currencies as assets then there is always physical gold and silver to own as a hedge against what the dollar and the central banks have and are doing through near zero interest rates and monetary expansion.  And again the chances are good that your broker would have tried to push you into an ETF, or paper based gold and silver investments because there is very little profit to be made, and very few fees if any for your broker to get in buying gold, silver, and Bitcoin for your retirement portfolio.

The 2008 Financial Crisis should have been the same type of wake-up call for our generations as it was for our grandfathers following the 1929 stock market crash, and subsequent Great Depression.  And you can see this how many of them in that generation lost trust in Wall Street, in managed brokers, in banks, and in anything to do with debt and credit.  And with the actions of the Fed helping to prop up stocks to ungodly levels over the past nine years since the last crash, and re-create bubbles in housing and bonds, this may be your last chance to be able to secure your profits in your managed 401K and IRA accounts, and get that money out of their hands and into yours, where you can not only have managed access and control over it, but also to invest in any type of asset class such as gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies that are not available today through your standard Wall Street money manager.


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