Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Russian lawmakers begin preliminary discussions for legalizing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Just as Cliff High and his Webbots have forecast China eventually integrating cryptocurrencies into their Silk Road trade project, so too might another head of a regional trade coalition find advantages in using digital money as the conduit for trade as the world begins to shift away from the dollar.

However before this becomes a reality for Russia and their Eurasian Economic Union project, first Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies must become accepted and legalized within their own borders.  And on June 28 Russian lawmakers have picked up this topic and are beginning preliminary discussions on the idea of legalizing Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, or in creating their own sovereign one.

Parliamentary hearings on the legalizing cryptocurrencies in Russia may start soon, according to State Duma committee member Vadim Dengin. He told RIA Novosti draft laws could appear shortly. 
“We will hold roundtable discussions and parliamentary hearings on digital currencies, particularly bitcoin,” he said, adding the cryptocurrency will most likely become accepted throughout the world. 
#Bitcoin use to expand in near future – ex-Russian Finance Minister  
The parliamentarian added that there’s no need to legalize digital currencies right now, but “it’s time to think about that issue.” 
"Sooner or later, with the verification of users, we may probably even have bitcoin exchange offices… Such operations will also be possible via the internet, for example, if you are in the office or on the street,” said Dengin. 
In April, Russian Deputy Finance Minister Aleksey Moiseev said cryptocurrencies could be recognized in the country by next year as the central bank is working with the government to develop rules against illegal transfers. – Russia Today


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