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A MGTOW future: Could feminism have actually helped accelerate the destruction of Western economies?

Although it's been talked about before from a social and behavioral perspective, the gains earned by women through the Feminist movement over the past 50 years have also created a shift in masculine priorities that could actually lead to economic destruction in many Western countries.

How so you might ask?

Today's current debt based economic system that reigns in the U.S., Europe, and in Japan requires two very important activities to remain solvent, and keep their economies from collapsing.  First, the system needs to continuously create new debt just to sustain the already massive debt load that is 3.5 times the world's annual GDP, and with this debt try to avoid the consequence of deflation in asset prices.  And it was for this reason that the central banks implemented Quantitative Easing and Zero percent interest rates through which they could create a continuous inflow of newly created money that would keep asset prices high, even if doing so created bubbles and artificial prices.

Secondly these economies need consumers to spend as much money as possible, including using debt to aid in keeping the debt creation scheme going.  In fact, any slowdown in consumer spending would automatically trigger a deflationary spiral, and bankrupt the system similar to what happened in 2008 (liquidity and credit crisis).

So with this in mind how does feminism, and its growing consequence of MGTOW in the U.S. and Europe and Grass Eaters in Japan, have the potential to destroy Western economic systems?  By undermining, and in some cases even eliminating the very complex that supports, sustains, and feeds that system.

Marriage and family.

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Besides the obvious that the generation of millennials are buying fewer and fewer homes, cars, etc...,  and taking fewer and fewer relationships all the way to marriage, they are also having fewer children, making it a trifecta of negative consequences for Western economies.

So how does feminism come into this?

Feminism, and the government's supporting of this movement through the education systems, legislative systems, and judicial systems, have made marriage a completely unfair and economically unviable contract for men to enter into.  In fact, with close to 60% of all marriages ending in divorce, and 70% of those being initiated by women, the cost of entering into the institution of marriage is a losing proposition for the majority of men.

Thus we are seeing the rise of the Grass Eaters and the MGTOW's (Men Going Their Own Way) as a consequence of 50 years of the pendulum shifting way to far away from the old model of patriarchy, to now that of gyno-centrism.

But this doesn't explain yet why the decline of marriage and children in the West has the potential of destroying their economic systems.  It does however when you take a look at how much is put into that system by married families versus single individuals.

Men more often buy homes in accordance with having to support a wife and children, and they also work more hours at a job in pursuit of this financial support.  But in Japan today for example, the phenomenon of Grass Eating (men not marrying) has given rise to many of them actually working less, and dedicating their earnings to self-aggrandizement in the form of fashion, video games, and alternative forms of entertainment.
Something is happening to Japan's young men. Compared with the generation that came before, they are less optimistic, less ambitious and less willing to take risks. They are less likely to own a car, want a car, or drive fast if they get a car. They are less likely to pursue sex on the first date - or the third. They are, in general, less likely to spend money. - Washington Post
This trend is also being felt in the investment world, where fewer and fewer men are investing in 401K plans and other retirement vehicles.

The destruction of the family and marriage is also destroying the traditions normally performed as one progresses through life.  Without the need to purchase a home, to pay the costs of having children, and the fact that men no longer have to strive to be a bread winner in a household, money normally spent as a consumer is being used elsewhere, and without the need to go deeply in debt.

While this social and financial trend has not yet reached the point where it has created a 'vergence in the force' here in America or in Europe, it is already being highly felt over in Japan where there is not enough revenues being created to pay for the needs of the retiring generation there that are living on social security, investments, and in pensions.  And that will change here very soon as Baby Boomers are forced to have to sell off their assets to pay the taxman, with very few or no buyers to mop them up in the markets.

The nuclear family has throughout history been the core and most important institution for any given society and economy.  And with this now having been fundamentally changed almost in parallel to Western nations going to a debt based fiat economy since the early 1970's, the advent of Grass Eaters and Men Going Their Own Way because of the black swan consequence of feminism could be the catalyst to not only trigger the next financial crisis, but even to bring about a collapse of the entire system.


Both the Western Roman empire AMD thee Eastern Roman empire were destroyed by women who passed laws to facilitate divorce and property rights for women. Livia Drusilla, Galla Placidia and Theodora. Within 100 years the decline was irreversible.

The civilization models of both Oswald Spengler and J.D. Unwin predict this collapse and for the same reason high civilizations of the past have failed - female sexuality unleashed and the resultant loss of societal energy.

The die is cast and the end of Western civilization as we know it is looming. The death throes have started and, historically, in less than two generations (40 years)the collapse will occur. Given time compression due to technology I predict the collapse will occur in one half that time.

I'm thankful I will be dead by that time, but in the meantime I will enjoy the show. Cheers.

Hi, MGTOW here. And no I'm not a "hurt male or rejected male who hates women." I'm an ex kickboxer who still holds the weight he fought at--at 49 and I'll splash that whiskey coke with the fact I'm already about 30% retired and will be 50% in about three years. I never knew I had a name until last year. Here was my explanatory entry to MGTOW

"Just had to say. For the last ten years I have held the attributes of those who have forsaken relationships with the vile, nagging, gynocentric, raging harpy that has become the western woman. And I am equally elusive of the gold diggers outside of the west. I have never concealed my intense dislike for this devolved creature, the "woman" and my willingness and want for nothing more than for her to be gone by sunrise. Especially since I have gained currency by disregarding her over the years to the point where I have accumulated real wealth. I am sure there are exceptions to the rule in the less than fair sex. And I am equally sure I will not chance on finding that small minority.

Only in the last year have I trolled the internet to see if perhaps others felt as I. By pure accident I fell into Sandman, Angry MGTOW and of course our favorite Aussie from MGTOW 101. I had never heard the term MGTOW and had no reason to convert as I had already witnessed "the light" of being completely non envious of my divorced friends or hopelessly wrecked friends who had long lost their files to cut through the bars of their self constructed prisons. I had been told in the past that the reason for my discontent was my rough childhood with my matriarch and aunts. To which I answer: 1) I have no discontent and am thoroughly delighted in my freedom 2) thank God for my rough childhood as I now have the cynical self defense skills to never fall into the vagina trap of miserable matrimony.
Alas though I have a name–finally."

Runningwolf - A very erudite post and a pleasure to read. I have identified as a MGTOW coming up on three years. I delved deeply into the rabbit hole and discovered hidden truths that, in their blinding simplicity, explain everything. I now understand why monks are happy and serene people as I believe I have received the gifts that MGTOW promises for those willing to complete the journey.

At the risk of telling you what you probably already know, I will offer other content providers that are considered by many in our community to be the gold standard. Check out Stardusk, Barbarossa, Spetsnaz,and Colttaine.

The earlier works of Turd Flinging Monkey, especially "She Will Never Love You", are excellent. As are the earlier works of Sandman, even though I consider him to be the People Magazine of the philosophy. Another lightly viewed provider is F@#!Guilt, especially his series on "Returning to Zero" - he and I shared some excellent repartee in the comments section.

The website Viva la manosphere is excellent for keeping abreast of a variety of content providers.

Please keep posting. Our community needs thinkers to balance out those still deep in the Red Pill Rage that our detractors love to point to. I'll keep my eye out.

Happy journeying! There is still much to learn. Cheers.

Life has just lost that allure. We reached a time in human history that has made men feel worthless and unwanted. All humans deserve freedom however the problem is that women were allowed into politics. And education. When men were rulers and the teachers everything was right. After world war 2 when millions of men real men died. Women took over and from that time on society has collapsed. World war 2 was the beginning of the end. Women shouldn't be allowed to be in politics and in education as teachers.

All humans should have an education and also vote but women shouldn't be able to lead as a teacher or be in politics. We live in a world of men. If one society fails due to gynocentrrism then another patriarchy will come in an take over and subjugate that society. Unless all men die then matriarchy will never rule the world.

I wish MGTOW existed 30 years ago. I would have never married, and I would be much happier than I am today. I found out about MGTOW by chance when a women called a man in a blog a MGTOW about 10 monhts ago. I didn't know what GMTOW was, so I looked on the net and I found plenty of bad stuff written on MGTOW, but I could not find MGTOW. I did find the site, and I started reading about it, and I agreed with about 90% of it.

MGTOW critis are:
-Such as They are in denial of the laws and social norms that are seriously damaging towards men.
-They do not understand the legalities and the way the system is rigged against them.
-They believe in their hubris that they can somehow "alpha" their way through it struggles they face in the current state of affairs.
-They do not think that what happens to other men will happen to them.
-They are having grave trouble with accepting the dark side of selfish female nature, and that countless women consider men as packmules or disposable. This includes them.
-They cannot accept that the push to get married places them more in the line fire than not getting married.
-They are demonizing men that have gone their own way without coming to terms with the gravity of the issues we are facing as men, and we are scapegoated because we have the audacity to speak the truth.
-They do not want to accept that gynocentricism is deeply embedded in Western culture, and both modern "traditionalism" and feminism are two major aspects of it.

I support MGTOW and it will grow until the wrong against men are addressed.

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