Tuesday, August 16, 2016

No country for young men: Apple to invest more in China versus the U.S.

Applebots in the United States are likened more to a cult rather than as a group of individuals simply enamored by the ghost of Steve Jobs and the pursuit of portable electronic gear.  And these devoted consumers are more than happy to spend their money on unnecessary gadgets rather than look deeper into the process from which these items are made.

And what is perhaps most interesting is that a large portion of Apple product owners are big into activism and social justice, which begs the question of their mental stability when their masters could really care less about the American worker and consumer as long as they keep buying the newest iPhone or meaningless trinket.

Apple will increase investment in China and actively participate in China's "Internet Plus" strategy and smarter manufacturing, said Apple CEO Tim Cook on Tuesday.
Cook made the remarks in Beijing while meeting with China's Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, who called on U.S. companies to increase their investment and expand the industrial chain of their business. 
Zhang said trade and investment cooperation between China and the United States injects dynamism into the two countries' economic development and boosts global growth. 
Cook also said that Apple plans to set up an independent research and development center in China before the end of 2016, the first in the Asia-Pacific region, though he did not reveal the specific location. - People.cn
Just as General Motors expects Americans to purchase their cars despite the fact they conned the government into a taxpayer funded bailout, and built their newest factories in China and not the United States, shows just how little multi-national corporations feel about the consumers they strive to sell to, and that people are simply fodder for the locusts who when finished, will simply move on to another region of the world to exploit.

There are no allegiances with consumers when it comes to Apple, but that has not changed the fact that tens of millions will fight you to the death to justify their choices to follow the company blindly with their opinions and their wallets.


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