Saturday, July 30, 2016

Venezuela's leader channels his inner Marie Antoinette and eats a $100,000 cake while his people starve

If there is one thing that can be said about socialist/communist leaders, they have no problems living the high life on the backs of the people they have conned.  From Fidel Castro, who is reported to have billions of dollars stashed away in offshore accounts, to Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua who has become a multi-millionaire by creating private companies to fulfill most government contracts, the reality is that those who rally for government controls over the means of production do so with the intention of putting themselves in power over them, and getting rich while the people they claim to help remain poor.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that on July 30, Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro had a cake costing $100,000 made to celebrate the birthday of Hugo Chavez, while his people are relegated to eating their pets just to survive from hyperinflation and massive food shortages.

Nothing describes socialism more aptly than baking a 4 feet tall cake weighing 90 kilos for Hugo Chavez’s birthday (a dead man) while the rest of the country starves, cannot find basic necessities 
According to a local newspaper, the following ingredients were used :
  1. 720 eggs
  1. 23 kilos of butter
  1. 90 kilos of flour
  1. 90 kilos of sugar
  1. 44 gallons of milk                                                                                     
With the state sponsored food program. Evidently, the government’s priorities are elsewhere.
So like all historical leaders who see their people as little more than peasants or slaves, and keep them in poverty under the guise of 'government for the people', it is a reminder that when it comes to 'doing as they do', all they will say is let them eat cake.


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