Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sweden begins ball rolling to try to cut off gold acquisition by the masses as price begins to soar

One of the major reasons why the bullion banks have been able to keep the price of gold and silver down over the past four years is because only 1% of Americans and Europeans actually own the physical metals, or have not changed their investing paradigms to seek intrinsic safe havens rather than trust in paper assets.  But since the beginning of the year, and with last week's 'shot heard round the world' in the UK over their Brexit vote, central banks along with sovereign governments are now deathly afraid the people will finally wake up and rush to the door to get their hands on precious metals.

And following the past two trading days of extreme movements upward in both gold and silver, one nation announced a sudden bank policy in which they will no longer allow bank deposits to be used to purchase gold or silver in an attempt to keep the masses from moving out of negative yield bonds and into real wealth protection.

Best customer, 
We hereby announce that as of 15:30, Thursday, June 30, 2016, we can no longer accept bank transfers or bank deposits for gold and silver to our Swedish SEB account. 
The reason for this is that SEB – at very short notice – informed us that they will close down our bank account. This decision has, unfortunately, been made without first consulting us, and in addition to state in its notification letter that the decision to close our account due to “a general business decisions,” they have not yet given us any concrete reason why they decided to take this measure . 
The banking system in Sweden is operated however vigorously towards a cashless society, as you probably are aware of, and Tavex has, as one of the largest wholesale suppliers of physical notes and investment metals in Sweden, as we see it become a target for the major commercial banks. 
With that said, we are working frantically to set up a new payment system that we believe will be operational in two to three weeks. - Tavex Guld & Valuta via Silver Doctors
It is beginning in Europe, but how long until the U.S. issues their own banking restrictions where you can no longer purchase gold or silver, have your paper ETF accounts seized, or the Mint suddenly elects to shut down its supplying bullion dealers, and those who do not have gold already will be left wanting, and out in the cold.


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