Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Coming to America reboot: Ukraine replaces McDonalds locations with new DonMac franchises

In the 1980's hit movie Coming to America, Eddie Murphy's future father-in-law was the owner of a fast food franchise that ran the razor's edge of trademark infringement on the world's largest burger establishment McDonalds.  In fact, the similarities were so striking for the McDowell's chain of burger joints that one had to trust in the parody because in no way would McDonalds have allowed it to survive in the court of law.

In real life however, and especially in foreign countries, the theft of trademarks and intellectual property is not only common, but quite often a way of life.  And following the self-imposed ouster of McDonalds from Eastern Ukraine in the aftermath of the Maidan coup (revolution), enterprising business owners have built their own new chain of restaurants that use the famous Golden Arches and are calling themselves DonMac.

Фастфуд с местным колоритом: в Донецке открыли еще один ДонМак в захваченном здании McDonalds


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