Thursday, June 2, 2016

One of the world's oldest banks sees gold price reaching all-time highs within two years

With the uncertainty of Britain's future role in the European Union, and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's dire warning of a coming financial calamity, one of the world's oldest banks is diversifying itself into gold, and predicts the price will climb 40% or more within the next two years.

Berenberg Bank was established back in 1590, and still remains relevant as it holds 40 billion in assets under management.

The smart money, large institutional money, who understands diversification and gold’s function as a store of value continues to diversify into gold. There is an awareness of gold’s benefit as a hedging instrument and safe haven asset but also an awareness that the outlook for prices at these still depressed levels is very positive. 
This is seen in the view of Berenberg, which is in the fifth century of its existence and one of the oldest owner managed banks in the world, who see gold returning to  2012 levels at $1,900/oz per ounce. 
The less informed money continues not to appreciate the risks that are again building in the system. Risk appetite remains high and there is a distinct lack of awareness regarding how risks, such as BREXIT, may impact financial markets and traditional assets such as stocks, bonds, property and indeed deposits. - Zerohedge
Berenberg's entry into the gold markets follows a string of hedge fund managers as well as central banks who have accumulating gold at near record levels ever since the end of 2015.


Old, but still small compared to a bank like Goldman

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